Wicked Tulips

By Joyce Campbell, Macaroni KID Southern RI Publisher April 5, 2023

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope."-Lady Bird Johnson

Opening day for a local tulip farm has many eager to get tickets in Southern RI.  As a nature lover, I enjoy the nicer Spring weather that allows us to explore outside, and this adventure seems like such a treat!  I visited the local tulip farm and got a sneak peek, and it was genuinely relaxing.

Wicked Tulip's Exeter location has 5 acres of land, where 500,000 bulbs were planted.  Their website boasts over 100 tulip varieties for the public to enjoy.

I was escorted around the grounds by Leah, a core member of the Wicked Tulip Flower Farm, where she gave me a rundown of the farm’s purpose.

She explained to me how Wicked Tulips Flower Farm has shared this unique experience with the public to view the massing of colors from the unique varieties for years in multiple locations.  And that it is not simply to observe but to pick your own.
“I hope people come here for respite…life can be stressful” She continued to add how not only do they have the “U-pick” tickets, but that they offer yoga on the weekends.  Grab your tickets here!  Opening day this season will be Friday 4/7.

The masses will purchase tickets to pick their own bouquets of brightly colored flowers.  Kneeling down to grab a smile with the tulips before they head home to display their selected bunch proudly.

Yet, sadly, they will only have a few short weeks to do so.  Leah informed me that the Exeter location, which is the first of the farms to open, will only sustain 2 1/2 to 3 weeks of blooms.  The other location will open after this.

After reading up more on the owners, I learned Wicked Tulips Flower Farm is a family business that, like so many, started with a dream.  Owners Keriann and Jeroen's story appears to have come straight out of a Hallmark movie.  "New England girl meets boy; they fall in love, then start a family farm business everyone loves!"  You can read more about their story on their website here.  

I spent some time among the tulips that morning, and the world melted away.  If you are looking for some peace, beauty, and solace, try some Wicked Tulips.   To get more info and to buy tickets, check out their website here.